My approach to the creative process is one focused on insight and emotional awareness. My paintings employ the medium of oil paint on different supports: substrates coated with dry gesso, which yields a smooth, luminous surface; and supports with oil-based grounds with a different ability to absorb and reflect light. For me, the application of paint and pigments to the supports is of great importance: be through a delicate layering and veiling process, or through thick, resolute layers. The former allows me translucency and depth, the latter opacity and flatness. My conceptual and formal decisions are based on the analysis of color, form, and composition. The final resolution however, is a personal response obtained intuitively when I feel a strong visual composition is achieved. References to landscape and atmospheric settings are implied in the large color fields and directionality of the planes. In some instances the reference to nature is absent, and abstract and reductive forms take shape.

My installation work is deeply rooted in my background in architecture, which allows me to aptly understand and utilize space. While working with installations I explore notions of scale and three-dimensionality. Even though most of the visual elements in my installation work are related to nature, the results (based on the formal aspect of patterns) are abstract configurations specific to the site.

Leticia Ortega