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“ When skies are hanged “, 2009, [Collaborative project with Dionisio Cortes (Images # 18 & 18A)]
Made out of hundreds of plastic bags filled with water. The hanging bags were grouped in clusters to create sorts of hovering clouds. The water filling each bag became a lens, reflecting and refracting light and space.

This installation was based on the simple, small-town, Mexican custom, which is believed to scare houseflies away and/or stop them from entering a space. The custom calls for hanging clear, plastic bags filled with water on a window or door threshold. It is argued that the distorted and augmented reflection of the surroundings and/or the flies themselves, scare flies away as they may perceive these images as huge predators.

We were always mesmerized and captivated by the beautiful way these bags reflect the sky. Inspired by one of e.e. Cummings poems, our intention was to use this popular practice to create a playful and elusive piece.

When skies are hanged
When skies are hanged