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“ Brief sonnet ”, 2006 (Images # 16 & 16A)
A 30-feet-high, circular curtain enclosure is held by a spinning ring. The curtain itself was made out of a veil onto which hundreds of autumnal magnolia leaves were stitched with invisible thread. The leaves intersected and interlocked in orderly rows making up a soft, ephemeral wall. The curtain spun slowly and intermittently. At a pause point the viewer would enter the enclosure.

The enveloping circular curtain was a mimetic reference of the cyclical character of nature with its endless rounds of birth, growth, death, and rebirth. The hundreds of aromatic magnolia leaves, seizing life again, produced a rattling sound that gave the piece an inherent soul.

Brief Sonnet, installation, looking down
Brief Sonnet, installation, looking down
Magnolia leaves, tulle, threads
30'x4' diameter